25-27 November 2015
National Centre for Synchrotron Science
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Performance of the PAL-designed all-in-one processor for PSIC or XBPM in Pohang Light Source-II

27 Nov 2015, 13:30
National Centre for Synchrotron Science

National Centre for Synchrotron Science

Australian Synchrotron 800 Blackburn Road Clayton VIC 3168
Board: BT-08
Poster Beamlines, Instrumentation and Techniques Poster Session 2


Dr Yong Jun Park (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)


Real-time monitoring of the beam position during whole measurement at synchrotron radiation facility is extremely important, since it is essential to maintain the stability of the X-ray beam on the sample point. When a very fine collimator is used before sample, the stabilization of the beam position in front of the collimator, should result in stabilizing the incident beam. Thus, there are several kind of the beam position feedback systems with the x-ray position monitoring system near sample position. We developed the 4-channel processor which is adaptable to PSIC(Position Sensitive Ion Chamber) or XBPM (X-ray Beam Position Monitor). This all-in-one processor includes all electric devices (high voltage supply, current amplifier, analog-to-digital converter, etc) for X-ray position measurement. And, it’s available for use with rocal mode and remote mode. The results of 2μm spatial resolution with PSIC is possible to apply as a XBPM for mostab FB (monochromator stabilizer feedback) system. Measured results and several calculated parameters (linear range, spatial resolution, positional uncertainty, etc) will be displayed. Whole data were collected and analyzed at the beamline of Photon Test Facility in PLS-II.
Keywords XBPM, all-in-one processor

Primary author

Dr Yong Jun Park (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)


Mr Chae-Soon Lee (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory) Mr Chun Kil Ryu (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory) Dr Chungjong Yu (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory) Mr In Deuk Seo (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory) Mr Jung Su Kim (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory) Dr Yongsam Kim (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)

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