25-27 November 2015
National Centre for Synchrotron Science
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Pore microstructure variation in gradient consolidation of Pearl River Delta saturated clay

27 Nov 2015, 13:30
National Centre for Synchrotron Science

National Centre for Synchrotron Science

Australian Synchrotron 800 Blackburn Road Clayton VIC 3168
Poster Earth and Environment Poster Session 2


Dr Jing Song (Sun Yat-sen University)Dr Sam Yang (CSIRO, Manufacturing Flagship)


Clayed soils have been widely used in engineering foundation treatment in the coastal field to solve the issues of creep problems, the deformation, and strength of drainage consolidation. The microstructure porosities and pore size distribution of the clayey soil in the Pearl River Delta were studied by techniques of SEM and pressure gradient method. The loading was investigated based on the stress to improve the efficiency of saturated clayed soil foundation treatment. The effect of stress distribution on mechanical properties in the consolidation process was also investigated through the rate of anisotropy characteristics in the same full of saturated soft clay. It was found that small pores were increased with increasing loading of clay samples. Large pores with diameter of over 4 μm were obviously decreased with increasing loadings because of the squeeze effection which generated much more smaller pores. And the maximum principal stress and pore size with short axis angle were reduced. Furthermore, on the horizontal profile of samples, the round-like pores were abundant, but the direction was not obvious. While on the vertical profile, the pores were relatively flat with low abundance and the obvious direction. All of these indicated that the isotropic characteristic of clayed soil was gradually appeared with increasing pressure gradient. So the stress change in the consolidation process of the saturated soft clay is important in engineering which would be performed step by step based on the stress to improve the efficiency of saturated soft clay foundation treatment.
Keywords clayed soil; foundation treatment; pore microstructure; seepage paths

Primary author

Dr Jing Song (Sun Yat-sen University)


Dr Sam Yang (CSIRO, Manufacturing Flagship)

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