20-21 November 2014
National Centre for Synchrotron Science
Australia/Melbourne timezone
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Participant List

197 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Adam Welford Monash University
Adrian Hawley Australian Synchrotron
Alan Riboldi-Tunnicliffe Australian Synchrotron
Alice Vrielink University of Western Australia
Alistair White CSIRO
Allina Nadzri Australian National University
Andreas Moll Australian Synchrotron
Andrew Martin ARC Centre for Excellence for Advanced Molecular Imaging, School of Physics, University of Melbourne
Andrew Peele Australian Synchrotron
Andrew Stevenson Australian Synchrotron / CSIRO
Andy Wong Monash University
Angus Cowan The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Annaleise Klein La Trobe University
Anthony Duff ANSTO
Anthony White University of Melbourne
Anton Maksimenko Australian Synchrotron
Anton Tadich Australian Synchrotron
Barry Halstead CSIRO
Begoña Heras La Trobe University
Benjamin Pages University of Western Sydney
Bernt Johannessen Australian Synchrotron
Bo Chen La Trobe University
Bree Morgan CSIRO
Brendan Kennedy University of Sydney
Brett Collins University of Queensland
Brian Abbey La Trobe University
Brian Stephenson Advanced Photon Source
Bridget Ingham Callaghan Innovation
Bruce Cowie Australian Synchrotron
Bruce Ravel NIST
Cathy Harland Australian Synchrotron
Charlotte Conn RMIT University
Chen Gao St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research / University of Melbourne
Chris Garvey ANSTO
Chris Glover Australian Synchrotron
Chris Hall Australian Synchrotron
Chris McNeill Monash University
Chris Ryan CSIRO
Chris Sumby University of Adelaide
Christopher Hutchinson Monash University
Christopher Poole University of Melbourne
Connie Darmanin La Trobe University
Craig Morton St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research
Cyril Curtain Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
DAMIA GARRIGA Monash University
Daniel Eriksson Australian Synchrotron
Daniel Hausermann Australian Synchrotron
Daniel Schauries Australian National University
Daniela Stock Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
Daryl Howard Australian Synchrotron
David Cookson Australian Synchrotron
David Paterson Australian Synchrotron
David Turner Monash University
Deborah Lau CSIRO
Derek Pert Memjet Australia
Dominique Appadoo The Australian Synchrotron
Donna Whelan Monash University
Duncan Butler ARPANSA
Eleanor Mare Australian National University
Elizabeth Kyriakou University of Melbourne
Emily Goss University of Melbourne
Estela Garcez Monash University
Evan Robertson La Trobe University
Ewen Silvester La Trobe University
Fang Xia CSIRO
Feng Wang Swinburne University of Technology
Frank Gagliardi William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre / RMIT University
Ganesan Ramanathan ARPANSA
Gary Bryant Centre for Molecular and Nanoscale Physics, School of Applied Sciences, RMIT University
Geoffrey Jameson Massey University
Giang Tran La Trobe University
Gloria Xun Australian Synchrotron
Glyn Devlin Australian Synchrotron
Grant van Riessen La Trobe University
Guido Cadenazzi La Trobe University / CoE in Advanced Molecular Imaging
Guojie Wu Monash University
Hannah Coughlan La Trobe University / CoE in Advanced Molecular Imaging
Hannah King James Cook University
Harald Ade North Carolina State University
Helen Brand Australian Synchrotron
Henry Kirkwood La Trobe University
Henry Spratt Queensland University of Technology
Huda Alkhaldi Australian National University
Iwan Cornelius Australian Synchrotron
Jack Hellerstedt Monash University / University of Maryland
James Holton UCSF/LBNL
Jamie Hicks Monash University
Janet Newman CSIRO
Janice Aldrich-Wright University of Western Sydney
Jason Brouwer Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Jason Palazzolo Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Jason Price Australian Synchrotron
Jayde Livingstone Australian Synchrotron
Jeffrey Crosbie RMIT University
Jeffrey Seow Monash University
Jessica Ventura Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Joanne Du Monash University
Julia Wind University of Sydney
Justin Kimpton Australian Synchrotron
Karen Siu Australian Synchrotron
Katherine Ververis Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute
Kathryn Spiers Australian Synchrotron
Katie Sizeland Massey University
Kedar Deshmukh Monash University
Kia Wallwork ANSTO
Lars Thomsen Australian Synchrotron
Lauren Hyde University of Melbourne
Lauren Macreadie Monash University
Lenneke Jong Australian Synchrotron
Leonie van t'Hag University of Melbourne
Lilo Pozzo University of Melbourne
Lina Shi University of South Australia
Madeleine Dupont University of Newcastle
Mahmut Ruzi La Trobe University
Maria C. Hernandez-Soriano University of Queensland
Marion Boudes Monash University
Mark Edmonds Monash University
Mark Pearce CSIRO
Mark Ridgway Australian National University
Mark Styles CSIRO
Mark Tobin Australian Synchrotron
Mark Weber Motion Technologies
Martin de Jonge Australian Synchrotron
Masrur Morshed Nahid Monash University
Matt Kitching Department of Environment and Primary Industries Victoria
Matthew Rowles University of Melbourne
Mayanthi Goonewardane Swinburne University of Technology
Megan Maher La Trobe University
Michael Gorman St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research
Michael James Australian Synchrotron
Michael Jones Australian Synchrotron
Michael Lerch University of Wollongong
Muhammad Salman Maqbool La Trobe University
Nader Afshar Australian Synchrotron
Natasha Wright CSIRO
Nathan Cowieson Australian Synchrotron
Nathan Webster CSIRO
Nav Dhaliwal AXT PTY LTD
Neamul Khansur UNSW
Nicholas Anthony La Trobe University
Nicholas Phillips La Trobe University / CoE in Advanced Molecular Imaging
Nicholas Rae Australian Synchrotron
Nyssa Drinkwater Monash University
Pablo Mota Santiago Australian National University
Patrick Kluth Australian National University
Peter Czabotar Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Peter Harty ARPANSA
Peter Holden ANSTO
Peter Kappen Australian Synchrotron
Peter Kopittke University of Queensland
Qinfen Gu Australian Synchrotron
Rachel Ramsdale University of Melbourne
Rebecca Auchettl Swinburne University of Technology
Richard Garrett ANSTO
Richard Haverkamp Massey University
Robert Acres Australian Synchrotron
Rosalie Hocking James Cook University
Rosemary Waghorn Australian Synchrotron
Roxanne Smith La Trobe University
Ruby Law Monash University
Ruixing Feng Australian National University
Ruth Plathe Australian Synchrotron
Ryo Sekine University of South Australia
Sach Jayasinghe University of Melbourne
Safaa Ali James Cook University
Sahar Mirzaei Australian National University
Saliha Muradoglu Australian National University
Shabnam Tarahi Tabrizi Macquarie University
Shawkat Islam Swinburne University of Technology
Sherry Mayo CSIRO
Siobhan (Sasha) Wilson Monash University
Song Ha Nguyen Swinburne University of Technology
Sorina Popescu Memjet Australia
Stefan Hermans St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research
Stephanie Gras Monash University
Stephen Harrop Australian Synchrotron
Stephen Holt ANSTO
Stewart Midgley Monash University
Stuart Batten Monash University
Susanne Feil St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research
Suzanne Norwood University of Queensland
Tamsyn Ross Australian Synchrotron
Tanita Wierenga University of Tasmania
Tingting SONG RMIT University
Toby Bell Monash University
Tom Karagiannis Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute
Tom Peat CSIRO
Tony Raftery Queensland University of Technology
Tracey Hanley Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Tracy Wright ARPANSA
Vivian Julian Monash University
Wenchao Huang Monash University
Wesley Dose University of Newcastle
William Issa Hospira
YUBIAO LI University of South Australia
Yuqing Yang University of Melbourne
Zhifeng Yi Deakin University
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