20-21 November 2014
National Centre for Synchrotron Science
Australia/Melbourne timezone
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From Clouds to CFCs: IR spectroscopy of atmospheric and interstellar molecules.

21 Nov 2014, 14:55
NCSS Seminar Room ()

NCSS Seminar Room

Oral Earth and Environment Earth and Environment


Dr Evan Robertson (La Trobe University)


The IR spectral region is crucial to our understanding of atmospheric chemistry and physics. Firstly, radiative processes associated with emission and extinction are fundamental to energy transfer and the IR region in particular is central for materials at the moderate temperatures found in non-stellar environments such as this planet’s atmosphere. Secondly, infrared spectroscopy is uniquely suited to remotely probing the properties of atmospheric molecules and aerosols. We have employed the various facilities on the far IR beamline to advance understanding of atmospheric molecules such as HFCs and CFCs, and also aerosols such as water ice nanoparticles found in high altitude clouds. Our studies of crystalline water ice particles have recently been extended to both amorphous ice and to deuterium enriched crystalline ice, providing insights into fundamental questions about the water vibrations in these phases. An overview will be presented.
Keywords or phrases (comma separated) IR spectroscopy, earth’s atmosphere, water ice, CFCs, HFCs.

Primary author

Dr Evan Robertson (La Trobe University)


Mr Andrew Wong (Monash University) Dr Chris Medcraft (Monash University) Dr Courtney Ennis (Australian Synchrotron and La Trobe University) Dr Dominque Appadoo (Australian Synchrotron) Prof. Don McNaughton (Monash University) Mr Mahmut Ruzi (La Trobe University)

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