2-5 February 2016
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Participant List

118 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Abdullah Alsubaie University of New South Wales
Alastair Stacey School of Physics, The University of Melbourne
Andrew Squires University of Wollongong
Anton Stampfl Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Anton Tadich Australian Synchrotron
Avijit Biswal Murdoch University
Chin-Wei Wang NSRRC
Chris Ridley University Of Edinburgh
Chris Woodall University Of Edinburgh
Chun-Ming Wu NSRRC
Claudio Cazorla School of Materials Science and Engineering, UNSW Australia
Clemens Ulrich The University of New South Wales
Colin Bleasdale University of Wollongong
Craig Marshall Venid Vacuum
Damian Laird Murdoch University
Damian Myers The University of Melbourne
Daniel Sando School of Materials Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales
Daniel Jeremy Wilson The University of Auckland
David Hoxley La Trobe University
Dmitry Miserev UNSW
Dominique Appadoo Australian Synchrotron
Dongchen Qi Department of Chemistry and Physics, LIMS, La Trobe University
Dongyi Zhou School of Materials Sci. & Eng. UNSW
Edward Obbard UNSW
Eliot Gann Australian Synchrotron
Emily Wern Jien Yap UNSW Australia
Faizun Nesa Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Oranization
Fenfen Chang Uni of New South Wales
Francesca Iacopi Griffith University, Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Centre
Frederick Marlton Student
Gail Iles ANSTO
Garry McIntyre ANSTO
Glen Fletcher University of Technology Sydney
Glen Stewart UNSW Canberra
Guochu Deng Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization
Hao ZHANG University of Wollongong
Harley Scammell The University of New South Wales
Heiko Timmers UNSW Canberra
Helen Brand Australian Synchrotron.
Helen Maynard-Casely Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Hud Wahab UNSW Canberra
Huda Alkhaldi ANU
Hyung-Been Kang The University of Auckland
Irina Kondyurina Sydney Uni
JAAN OITMAA University of New South Wales
Jacob Evans Macquarie University
Jarrod Colla University of Wollongong
Jeffrey Sellar Monash University
Jennifer MacLeod QUT
Jerikho Bulanadi CSIRO
Jessie Posar University Of Wollongong
Jim Williams University of Western Australia
Jingliang Li Deakin University
Jingyu Chen Institute of Frontier Materials, Deakin University, Geelong
John Cashion School of Physics, Monash University
John Daniels UNSW Australia
John Mabon University of Wollongong
John Thornton DSTO
Jonathan Avaro Southern Cross Geoscience, Southern Cross University
Josie Auckett Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Junda Li University of Adelaide
Kay Song Australian National University
Ken Van't Schip Scitek
Kirrily Rule ANSTO
Klaus-Dieter Liss ANSTO
Lijun Wang UNSW
Liu Guangqing school of material engineering and science, UNSW
Manickam Minakshi Murdoch University
Manuel Hinterstein UNSW Australia, Schoolof Materials Science and Engineering
Maryam Barmi Murdoch University
Masrur Morshed Nahid Monash University
Matt Woolley UNSW Canberra (ADFA)
Matthew Sanderson Wollongong University
Matthew Tate Bragg Institute, ANSTO
Matthew Zonneveldt DSTO
Michael Cortie University of Technology Sydney
Michael James Australian Synchrotron
Mohamad Hassan Amin The Centre for Advanced Materials & Industrial Chemistry in the school of Applied Science, RMIT University
Mohammad Jahangir Hossain The School of Materials Science and Engineering, UNSW Australia
Muhammad Salman Maqbool ARC CoE for Advanced Molecular Imaging, Department of Physics and Chemistry, La Trobe University
Nagarajan Valanoor UNSW Australia
Nancy Elewa UNSW Canberra
Nastaran Faraji Ouch Hesar UNSW
Neamul Hayet Khansur UNSW Australia
Nicola Barrie CSIRO
Norman Booth ANSTO
Nunzio Motta Queensland University of Technology
Oleg Sushkov University of New South Wales
Patrick Tung University of New South Wales
Paul Graham University of New South Wales
Qingyong Ren PEMS, UNSW Canberra
Rafael Santos AIIM-University of Wollongong
Resta Susilo UNSW Canberra
Reyner White UNSW Canberra
Samuel Bladwell The University of New South Wales
Scarlet Kong UNSW Australia
Scott Gleason UNSW Australia
Sean Cadogan UNSW Canberra
Shaymaa Albohani Murdoch University
Sima Kashi School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering, RMIT University
Simon Clark Macquarie University
Solmaz Jahangir UNSW
Songbai Hu UNSW Australia
Stephen Collocott CSIRO (Retired)
Sukriti Mantri UNSW
Tadahiko Hirai CSIRO
Taka Kaneko Ezzi Vision
Tapio Simula Monash University
Tilo Soehnel The University of Auckland
Trevor Finlayson University of Melbourne
Wayne Hutchison The University of New South Wales
xiaodong yuan Research Center of Laser Fusion, China Academy of Engineering Physics
Xinzhi Liu China Institute of Atomic Energies, Beijing, 102413, China/Bragg institute, ANSTO, 2232, NSW
Xiquan Cheng a. School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resource and Environment (SKLUWRE), Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001, P.R. China.
Yaroslav Kharkov UNSW
Zhan Sui Shanghai Institute of Laser Plasma,Shanghai, China
Zhigang Chen the University of Queensland
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