2-5 February 2016
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Abstract Preparation Instructions

Abstract Preparation Instructions for Wagga2016

The preferred method of abstract submission is electronically through this website

To submit an abstract simply follow the instructions on the "Abstract Submission" page. 

Note: you will need to create an indico account to submit an abstract. To do so, please follow the instructions on the "Submit Abstract" page.

When submitting an abstract, if you simply type into the template there should be no need to worry about the page layout, font size and/or spacing. The word limit is set at 500 words.

There is no need to include the Authors in the body of the text. These will be automatically generated from the information filled in below. - Citations should be in-line, as a number enclosed in square brackets. Begin the corresponding reference list (in numerical order) one line spacing below the end of the text.


Please email wagga16@synchrotron.org.au if you have any queries



Including formatting and special characters (e.g. Greek or mathematical symbols)

Formatting and special characters can be included via the use of Markdown (HTML tags) orLaTex commands. Some commonly used tags are available in the abstract editor, for example bold and italic formatting. More comprehensive lists of tags are widely available online, for example here.

Some further examples of formatting and special characters, using HTML tags: 
     Superscript: <sup>text </sup> will give text
     Subscript: <sub>text </sub> will give text
     Lower case alpha: &alpha; will give α
     Lower case pi: &pi; will give π
     To write eiπ - 1 = 0, you must type: <b>e</b><sup><i>i</i> &pi;</sup> - 1 = 0 

The abstract submission window includes a preview of your formatted text. To view how your submitted abstract body will appear in the conference handbook, you can also go to the View my abstracts link in the main menu, and then export it in pdf format. Note that an abstract can be edited at any time up until the submission deadline (see below).

Editing or withdrawing an abstract

Abstracts may be edited or withdrawn up until the submission deadline. To edit or withdraw an abstract, click on View my abstracts link in the main menu, and then select the abstract you wish to modify. You can now select the option to edit, withdraw or view your abstract (in pdf format) using the links at the top right of the screen.

Checking on the status of an abstract

Abstract status can be checked by using the View my abstracts link in the main menu. You should also receive an automated email upon successful submission of an abstract.

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