2-5 February 2016
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Phase Transition studies of MnSb2-xTaxSb2O6

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Hyung-Been Kang (The University of Auckland)


Recently, the trigonal modification (sg. P321) of MnSb2O6 has drawn significant attention as it could be an unusual type of multiferroic behaviour and weakly polar material [1]. The magnetic susceptibility of MnSb2O6 shows a short range ordering below 200 K and long range ordering is observed below the Neel temperature (TN = 12.5 K) resulting in an incommensurately ordered three-dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnet [2]. MnTa2O6 adopts the orthorhombic MgNb2O6 structure type (sg. Pbcn) and it shows a monoclinic magnetic structure: P2’1/c symmetry at 4.2 K (TN = 4.4 K) [3]. In this solid solution, Ta could occupy the MnO interlayers and it will induce the decrease of the magnetic inter layer coupling. According to the Lab X-ray diffraction studies, a new tetragonal modification can be observed between x = 0.2 and 1.8. The powder can be refined as mixtures of the trigonal MnSb2O6 structure and a tetragonal tri-rutile modification, which is known for other MSb2O6 compounds, for the refinement from x = 0.6 to x = 1.2. The tri-rutile modification could be refined as the sole phase between x = 1.4 to 1.6. The orthorhombic MnTa2O6 modification could only be observed from x = 1.7 - 2.0. Interestingly, the tri-rutile modification has previously been described as a meta-stable modification for MnTa2O6 [4]. References [1] R. D. Johnson, K. Cao, L. C. Chapon, F. Fabrizi, N. Perks, P. Manuel, J. J. Yang, Y. S. Oh, S-W. Cheong and P. G. Radaelli, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111 (2013) 017202 [2] J. N. Reimers and J. E. Greedan, J. Solid State Chem. 79 (1989) 263 [3] H. Weitzel and S. Klein, Solid State Comm. 12 (1973) 113 [4] S. Esmaeilzadeh and J. Grins, Solid State Sciences 4 (2002) 117

Primary author

Hyung-Been Kang (The University of Auckland)


Furitsu Suzuki (The University of Auckland) Dr Tilo Soehnel (The University of Auckland)

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