2-5 February 2016
Australia/Melbourne timezone

The Australian Synchrotron in 2015 – Turning Bright Ideas into Brilliant Outcomes

3 Feb 2016, 09:30


Prof. Michael James (Australian Synchrotron)


When VIP visitors come to the Australian Synchrotron (Commonwealth Ministers & their minders, Directors of national and international laboratories & research institutes; VCs & DVCRs; my Mother-in-Law;…) we like to play a little game to try and impress them and to demonstrate the impact of our efforts. It goes a little like this: Mike: “Pick a topic, any topic, and I will tell you how we make a difference to that, by research carried-out at the Australian Synchrotron”. (It helps a little if they have an interest in a specific disease or medical condition, but this is not essential). VIP: “Well…, How about…”. And so on... A strange way to try and achieve the much-needed financial security that our facility so needs I hear you say; and yes, when we face some of our more imaginative foes, the link to their topic can be more than a little tenuous. (Ok sometimes, we crash and burn). However, for the most part, with about 1000 experiments per year to choose from, we walk away with our heads held high. My talk will give a brief overview of the Australian Synchrotron, as well as its status and future as one of the most substantial pieces of research infrastructure in the country. I will present some recent research highlights, particularly pertaining to condensed matter research, and challenge you to challenge us to see how the Australian Synchrotron can make a difference to your research. Pick a topic, any topic…

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Prof. Michael James (Australian Synchrotron)

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