ANSTO User Meeting 2021

from Wednesday, 24 November 2021 (09:00) to Friday, 26 November 2021 (17:20)

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24 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021
26 Nov 2021
Welcome Address (until 09:15) ()
Update (until 10:00) ()
Plenary (until 10:30) ()
10:00 Prof Despina Louca - Plenary - Prof. Despina Louca (University of Virginia)   ()
10:30 --- Morning Tea ---
Advanced Materials (until 12:50) ()
11:00 Structural studies of solid-state ionic conductors at the limits of diffraction and beyond - Chris Ling (University of Sydney)   ()
11:20 Magnetoelastic coupling as a relaxation pathway for single ion magnets observed using inelastic neutron scattering. - Richard Mole (ANSTO)   ()
11:35 Total scattering: science that’s better than average - Frederick Marlton (University of Sydney)   ()
11:50 Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Transformations of Metal–Organic-Framework-Supported, Site-Isolated Trigonal-Planar Cu(I) Complexes with Labile Ligands - Ricardo Peralta (University of Adelaide)   ()
12:05 Deuteration of Rec1-Resilin and its hydrogel for biomedical applications - Nisal Wanasingha   ()
12:20 Interfacial spin-structures in Pt/Tb3Fe5O12 bilayer films on Gd3Ga5O12 substrates - Ms Roshni Yadav   ()
12:35 Operando investigation of a lead-acid battery with the IMBL. - Mr Chad Stone (Swinburne University of Technology)   ()
Biomedicine, Life science & Food Science (until 12:50) ()
11:00 The Death Kiss: understanding how the zombie protein, MLKL, is triggered to kill cells by necroptosis - Dr James Murphy (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research)   ()
11:20 Structures of biliary micelles during solubilisation of lipids mimicking the digestion products of human and bovine milk - Dr Andrew Clulow (ANSTO Australian Synchrotron)   ()
11:35 Hepatic lipid composition in dietary models of high iron NAFLD investigated with Synchrotron Infrared and X-Ray Fluorescence microscopy - Dr Cyril Mamotte (Curtin University) Mr Clinton Kidman (Curtin University)   ()
11:50 Investigating the Therapeutic Benefit of Spermidine in a Pre-Clinical Model of Muscular Dystrophy - Lauryn Schaddee Van Dooren (University of Melbourne)   ()
12:05 Structural insights into the ferroxidase and iron sequestration mechanisms of ferritin from Caenorhabditis elegans - Tess Malcolm (Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute)   ()
12:20 Spectroscopic Analysis of Age-Related Changes in the Brain Lateral Ventricles During Ageing - Ms Ashley Hollings (School of Molecular and Life Sciences, Curtin University, GPOBox U1987, Bentley Western Australia 6845, Australia. Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute, Curtin University, Bentley, Western Australia 6102, Australia.)   ()
12:35 Imaging Breast Microcalcifications Using Dark-Field Signal in Propagation-Based Phase-Contrast Tomography - Alaleh Amin zadeh   ()
Instruments & Techniques - Andrew Clulow (ANSTO Australian Synchrotron) (until 12:50) ()
11:00 From Niche to Mainstream: Ptychography Comes of Age. - Michael Jones (QUT)   ()
11:20 How to take a perfect image with DINGO - Vili Grigorova (Macquarie University)   ()
11:35 The Imaging and Medical Beamline is expanding - Daniel Hausermann (Australian Synchrotron (ANSTO))   ()
11:50 Quantifying the x-ray dark-field signal in single-grid imaging - Ying Ying How   ()
12:05 Total Scattering Measurements at the Australian Synchrotron Powder Diffraction Beamline: Capabilities and Limitations - Dr Anita D'Angelo (Australian Synchrotron)   ()
12:20 Update on Polarised Neutron Capabilities at the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering - Andrew Manning (ANSTO)   ()
12:35 KOALA 2: Implications for magnetic structural and exotic studies - Dr Ross Piltz (ACNS, ANSTO)   ()
Welcome Address (until 09:15) ()
Awards (until 09:45) ()
Awards (until 10:15) ()
10:15 --- Morning Tea ---
Advanced Materials (until 12:20) ()
10:45 Delivery of antimicrobials to bacteria by cubosome nanocarriers - Charlotte Conn (RMIT)   ()
11:05 Chemical expansion and proton conductivity in vanadium-substituted variants of γ-Ba4Nb2O9 - Mr Alex Brown (The University of Sydney)   ()
11:20 Shape of nanopores in track-etched polycarbonate membranes - Shankar Dutt (Australian National University)   ()
11:35 Application of Inelastic Neutron Scattering for Thermoelectric Materials Study - Dehong Yu (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
11:50 Origin of vertical slab orientation in blade-coated layered hybrid perovskite films revealed with in-situ synchrotron X-ray scattering - Mr Wen Liang Tan (Monash University Australia)   ()
Biomedicine, Life science & Food Science (until 12:20) ()
10:45 Membrane permeabilisation is mediated by distinct epitopes in mouse and human orthologs of the necroptosis effector, MLKL - Chris Horne (WEHI)   ()
11:00 Disulfide bond formation between T-cell receptor and peptide antigen lowers the threshold of T cell activation - Dr Christopher Szeto (La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science)   ()
11:15 A Comparison of Different Approaches to Image Quality Assessment in Phase-Contrast Mammography - Jesse Reynolds (University of Canterbury)   ()
11:30 Human MLKL is maintained by RIPK3 in an inactive conformation prior to disengagement and cell death by necroptosis - Mr Yanxiang Meng (WEHI)   ()
11:45 The silver bullet: using silver doped lanthanum manganite to selectively target deadly brain cancer - Mr Abass Khochaiche (University of Wollongong)   ()
12:00 Determining the role of protein aggregation in COVID-19 - Nicholas Reynolds (La Trobe University)   ()
Instruments & Techniques (until 12:20) ()
10:45 Small Angle Neutron Scattering Capability at ANSTO - Kathleen Wood (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
11:00 New developments in neutron imaging at DINGO - Dr Ulf Garbe (ANSTO)   ()
11:15 A study of the intrinsic background from the Beryllium Filter Spectrometer on Taipan - Dr Anton Stampfl (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
11:30 BioSAXS: The future of solution scattering at the Australian Synchrotron - Dr Christina Kamma-Lorger (ANSTO Australian Synchrotron)   ()
12:00 High-Resolution Macro ATR-FTIR Chemical Imaging Capability at Australian Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy (IRM) Beamline - Jitraporn (Pimm) Vongsvivut (Australian Synchrotron)   ()
Welcome Address (until 09:45) ()
Plenary (until 10:15) ()
09:45 Accelerating Australia: Perspectives on future particle accelerators and their applications - Suzie Sheehy (University of Melbourne)   ()
10:15 --- Morning Tea ---
Biomedicine, Life science & Food Science (until 12:20) ()
10:45 Synchrotron CT dosimetry at the IMBL for low wiggler magnetic field strength and spatial modulation with bow tie filters - Dr Stewart Midgley (Canberra Hospital)   ()
11:00 Magnetically-guided particle delivery to airway surfaces for cystic fibrosis gene therapy: Synchrotron-based visualisation and optimisation for improved in vivo lentiviral gene transfer - Martin Donnelley (University of Adelaide)   ()
11:15 Biochemical Interaction of Few Layer Black Phosphorus with Microbial Cells Using Synchrotron macro- ATR-FTIR - Zoe Shaw (School of Engineering, RMIT University)   ()
11:30 Using X-ray crystallography to understand bushfire-induced seed germination - Sabrina Davies (The University of Western Australia)   ()
11:45 Regional lung volume measures in small animal models from single projection X-ray images - Dylan O'Connell (Monash University)   ()
12:00 Sub cellular scale mapping of deuterated compounds by nanoSIMS - Dr jeremy bougoure (University of Western Australia)   ()
Chemistry, Soft Matter & Crystallography (until 12:20) ()
10:45 Molecular binding and exchange between model membranes and biologically relevant lipid assemblies - Prof. Marité Cárdenas (Malmö University and Nanyang Technological University)   ()
11:05 High viscosity injector effects on the phase behaviour of lipidic cubic phase - Daniel Wells (La Trobe University)   ()
11:20 Self-assembly of surfactants in protic ionic liquids - Sachini Kadaoluwa Pathirannahalage (RMIT University)   ()
11:35 Deuterated Phospholipids to Study the Structure, Function and Dynamics of Membrane Proteins Using Neutron Scattering - Rao Yepuri (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
11:50 Investigating the interactions of monoolein liquid crystals with human microbiomes - Mr Jonathan Caukwell (The University of Newcastle)   ()
12:05 How Do Ion Specific Effects Operate in Ionic Liquids? - Dr Joshua Marlow (University of Sydney)   ()
Instruments & Techniques (until 12:20) ()
10:45 The new external ion beam capability for testing of electronics suitable for harsh space radiation environments - Dr Stefania Peracchi (ANSTO)   ()
11:05 Tomographic X-ray phase and attenuation extraction for a sample composed of unknown materials - Samantha Alloo   ()
11:20 High speed free-run ptychography at the Australian Synchrotron - Cameron Kewish (Australian Synchrotron)   ()
11:35 Medium Energy Spectroscopy (MEX) - Sample environments and supporting infrastructure - Krystina Lamb (ANSTO)   ()
11:50 Medium Energy Spectroscopy (MEX) - Opportunities for Microspectroscopy - Mr Simon Pocock (ANSTO) Dr Simon James (ANSTO Australian Synchrotron)   ()
12:05 Hot Commissioning and First User Experiments on the Spatz Neutron Reflectometer - Anton Le Brun (ANSTO)   ()
12:50 --- Lunch ---
Update (until 13:40) ()
13:20 Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering Update - Jamie Schulz (ANSTO)   ()
Update (until 14:00) ()
13:40 Deuteration at the NDF: facility overview and update on diversity of capabilities, user program and impact. - Karyn Wilde (National Deuteration Facility, ANSTO)   ()
Advanced Materials (until 15:00) ()
14:00 In-situ X-ray diffaction for hydrogen sorption study of Mg-La alloys - Manjin Kim   ()
14:15 Natural ageing behaviour in Al-Cu alloys containing Sc and Zr - Lu Jiang (Deakin University)   ()
14:30 Magnetic Nanochain Formation Studied by Small-Angle Scattering - Dr Lester Barnsley (ANSTO)   ()
Biomedicine, Life science & Food Science (until 15:00) ()
14:00 Neutron Reflectometry Unravels Allergen-Lung Surfactant Monolayer Interactions in the Development of Pollen-Induced Thunderstorm Asthma - Mr Arslan Siddique (UNSW Sydney)   ()
14:15 Investigating the role of Zn in glucose regulation using X-ray Fluorescence Microscopy and X-ray absorption near-edge structure spectroscopy - Dr Gaewyn Ellison (Curtin Innovation Health Research Institute (CHIRI), Curtin University)   ()
14:30 Gd-TPP-DOTA reduces cell viability in cancer cells via synchrotron radiotherapy - Dr Ryan Middleton (ANSTO)   ()
14:45 Structural, Biochemical and Functional characterization of Salmonella BcfH: an unusual Dsb-like fimbrial protein - Pramod Subedi (La Trobe University)   ()
Instruments & Techniques (until 15:00) ()
14:00 Precision Measurement of the Complex Fine Structure at the Australian Synchrotron - Tony Kirk (La Trobe University)   ()
14:15 X-ray dark-field imaging without optics - Mr Thomas Leatham (Monash University)   ()
14:30 refnx - The Next Generation of Reflectometry Analysis Software - Andrew Nelson (ANSTO)   ()
14:45 Micro-Computed Tomography (MCT) beamline at ANSTO/Australian Synchrotron: A progress report - Andrew Stevenson (Australian Synchrotron)   ()
15:00 --- Afternoon Tea ---
Chemistry, Soft Matter & Crystallography (until 17:05) ()
15:30 Elucidating the Structures and Behaviour of Therapeutic Delivery Platforms with Non-interfering Techniques - Anton Blencowe (University of South Australia)   ()
15:50 Quantifying the robustness of neutron reflectometry for analysing polymer brush structure - Dr Andrew Nelson (ANSTO)   ()
16:05 Muti-Scale Dynamic Study on The Amphiphilic Nanostructure of Protic Ionic Liquids - Shurui Miao (The University of Sydney)   ()
16:20 Maximum flux: Using time-resolved neutron reflectometry to improve our understanding of surface-initiated polymerisation - Isaac Gresham (The University of New South Wales)   ()
16:35 Elucidation of the electronic structure in lanthanoid-radical systems by inelastic neutron scattering - Maja Dunstan (University of Melbourne)   ()
16:50 Characterisation of Ionic Liquids and Their Ability to Stabilise Proteins - Stuart Brown (RMIT)   ()
Earth, Environment & Cultural Heritage (until 17:05) ()
15:30 From deep time to the present: An exploration of Aboriginal connections to South Australia’s Riverland region - Prof. Amy Roberts (Flinders University)   ()
15:50 The structure and spectroscopy of solid propanal: A potential mineral for planetary astrobiology - Courtney Ennis (University of Otago)   ()
16:05 Pioneer plant driven primary mineral weathering and secondary mineral formation in Fe ore tailings - Dr Songlin Wu (The University of Queensland)   ()
16:20 Cuatros Amigos- the four stromatolites in a row. The first 3D image of the oldest evidence of life in the geologic record - Ms Michaela J Dobson (The University of Auckland, ANSTO)   ()
16:35 High-resolution high throughput thermal neutron tomographic imaging of fossiliferous cave breccias from Sumatra - Ms Holly Ellen Smith (Griffith University)   ()
16:50 Pressure-dependent changes in Zr coordination in silicate liquid: in vs. ex situ measurements - Nicholas Farmer (Macquarie University)   ()
Physics, Surface & Condensed Matter (until 17:05) ()
15:30 Good vibrations: phonons in topological thermoelectrics - Dr David David Cortie   ()
15:50 Characterization of MOSFET sensors for dosimetry in alpha particle therapy - Ms Fang-Yi Su (Centre for Medical Radiation Physics, University of Wollongong)   ()
16:05 Magnetic Ordering in Superconducting Sandwiches - Andrew Chan (The University of Auckland)   ()
16:20 Neutron and synchrotron characterisation techniques for hydrogen fuel cell materials - Krystina Lamb (ANSTO)   ()
16:35 Towards fast dose calculations for novel radiotherapy treatments with generative adversarial networks - Florian Mentzel   ()
Update (until 17:35) ()
12:20 --- Lunch ---
Biomedicine, Life science & Food Science (until 14:20) ()
13:30 Jaws caught on the IMBL - Dr Daniel Hausermann (Australian Synchrotron (ANSTO))   ()
Earth, Environment & Cultural Heritage (until 14:20) ()
13:30 Use of high-resolution technologies to understand the broken past - Dr Ingrid Ward (University of Western Australia)   ()
13:50 Leaving a mark on forensic science: Using synchrotron microscopy and spectroscopy to explore fingermark chemistry - Rhiannon Boseley (Curtin University)   ()
14:05 Understanding the generation and evolution of reaction-induced porosity in the replacement of calcite by gypsum: A combined microscopy, X-ray micro-tomography, and USANS/SANS study - Muhammet Kartal (Murdoch University)   ()
Physics, Surface & Condensed Matter (until 14:20) ()
13:30 Scattering or spectroscopy? Both! - Prof. Chris McNeill (Monash University)   ()
13:50 Wavefield Characterisation of MHz XFEL Pulse Trains - Mr Trey Guest (La Trobe University, European XFEL)   ()
14:05 Verification of L-alanine single-crystallinity for anisotropic synchrotron terahertz measurements - Jackson Allen (UOW)   ()
14:25 --- Afternoon Tea ---
Awards (until 15:10) ()
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Awards (until 16:30) ()
Update (until 17:00) ()
17:00 --- Break ---
Poster Session (until 20:30) ()
17:30 EMU cold-neutron backscattering spectrometer at ACNS, ANSTO - Alice Klapproth (ANSTO)   ()
17:31 Full Hemisphere Photoemission Using the Toroidal Analyser - Anton Tadich   ()
17:32 Status, statistics, and recent research highlights from Echidna - Chin-Wei Wang (NSRRC) James Hester (ANSTO) Max Avdeev (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering)   ()
17:33 Scientific computing support for neutron scattering experiments at ANSTO - Dr RAMZI KUTTEH (ANSTO/ACNS)   ()
17:34 Fusion Peptide Interactions with the Lipidic Cubic Phase - Ms Izabela Milogrodzka (Monash University)   ()
17:35 Recent highlights from the Pelican spectrometer - Dehong Yu (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) Richard Mole (ANSTO)   ()
17:36 Kowari residual stress diffractometer - Mark Reid (ANSTO)   ()
17:37 Current Facilities on the Soft X-ray Beamline - Dr Bruce Cowie (ANSTO)   ()
17:38 ATOS-GOM structured light 3D scanner, replacement new for old or intriguing possibilities! - Mark Reid (ANSTO)   ()
17:39 ADS-1 and ADS-2: New high-energy X-ray beamlines at the Australian Synchrotron - Josie Auckett (Australian Synchrotron)   ()
17:40 Getting better statistics: variable count time data collection with large linear detectors. - Dr Matthew Rowles (Curtin University)   ()
17:41 Enhancing synchrotron modulated Microbeam Radiation Therapy in vivo with novel high Z nanoparticles - Sarah Vogel (University of Wollongong)   ()
17:42 Structural basis of the Trichoplax adhaerens Scribble and Dlg interactions with the PDZ-binding motif of Vangl - Mrs Janesha Maddumage (1Department of Biochemistry and Genetics, La Trobe University)   ()
17:43 Platypus Neutron Reflectometer - Dr Stephen Holt (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
17:44 Demonstrated enantioselective adsorption with cobalt 1D coordination polymers - Winnie Cao (Monash University)   ()
17:45 Complex Coacervates as encapsulation system - Sunandita Ghosh Jitendra Mata (ANSTO) Andrew Whitten (ANSTO)   ()
17:46 A multi-analyser upgrading possibility for the thermal-neutron triple-axis spectrometer Taipan - Dr Guochu Deng (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization)   ()
17:47 Taipan – a versatile thermal neutron scattering instrument for materials research. - Kirrily Rule (ANSTO)   ()
17:48 Diffuse Scattering Studies from a Martensitic Fe-Pd Alloy - Trevor Finlayson (University of Melbourne)   ()
17:49 Spin Dynamics, Critical Scattering and Magnetoelectric Coupling Mechanism of Mn$_4$Nb$_2$O$_9$ - Guochu Deng (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization)   ()
17:50 Exploring Amine-based MOFs for Electrochemical Water Splitting - Jade Ang (Monash University)   ()
17:51 Chain alignment and charge transport anisotropy in blade-coated N2200/PS blend films - Ms Lin-jing Tang (Monash University)   ()
17:52 Investigation of the Diffusion of Cr2O3 into different phases of TiO2 upon Annealing - Abdulrahman Alotabi (Flinders University)   ()
17:53 Energy Storage Rocks: Metal Carbonates as Thermochemical Energy Storage Materials - Mr Kyran Williamson (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Curtin University,)   ()
17:54 Data processing technique for the Taipan Be-filter spectrometer - Kirrily Rule (ANSTO)   ()
17:55 Discovering peptide inhibitors against FtsY, an antibiotic target - Jennifer Zhao (University of Sydney)   ()
17:56 Zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs) structure and properties correlation to nucleic acid delivery - Shakil Ahmed Polash (PhD candidate, School of Science, RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia)   ()
17:57 Inelastic Neutron Scatterings Reveal Intense Ferromagnetic Fluctuations Preceding Magnetoelastic First-Order Transitions in LaFe13−xSix - Dehong Yu (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
17:58 Characterisation of an Antimony-based Catalysts for Acid Water Oxidation Catalysis – Insights through X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and the challenges of multi-metal systems - Brittany Kerr (Swinburne University of Technology)   ()
17:59 Biocompatible ionic liquids as designer solvents for the formation of non-lamellar lyotropic liquid crystalline nanoparticles as drug delivery vehicles - Mr Mohamad El Mohamad (RMIT university)   ()
18:00 Understanding the structural basis of TIR-domain assembly formation in TRAM- and TRIF- dependent TLR signalling - Ms Mengqi Pan   ()
18:01 Structural basis of coronavirus E protein interactions with human PALS1 PDZ domain - Mrs Airah Javorsky (La Trobe University)   ()
18:02 Crystal Structures of Protic Ionic Liquids and their hydrates - Michael Hassett (RMIT University)   ()
18:03 Ocean acidification alters the nutritional value of Antarctic diatoms - Ms Rebecca Duncan (University of Technology Sydney and UNIS Svalbard)   ()
18:04 Synchrotron Light for Exploring Arsenic Environments in Arsenian Pyrite - Philip Forson (University of South Australia, Future Industries Institute-STEM)   ()
18:05 Acidophilic iron- and sulfur-oxidizing bacteria driven primary mineral weathering and secondary mineral formation in Fe ore tailings - Mr QING YI (The University of Queensland)   ()
18:06 Comparison between calculated texture-derived velocities and laboratory measurements conducted on samples from a gold-hosting structure. - Mr Andre Eduardo Calazans Matos de Souza (Curtin University)   ()
18:07 Towards real-time analysis of liquid jet alignment in SFX - Mr Jaydeep Jaydeep Patel (La Trobe University)   ()
18:08 Combating “fishy” seafood using nuclear techniques - Mr Karthik Gopi (UNSW)   ()
18:09 Effect of different cladding alloys and grinding on residual stress in laser clad light rail components using neutron diffraction - Prof. Ralph Abrahams (Monash University)   ()
18:10 Data Constrained Modelling with multi-energy X-ray computed microtomography to evaluate the porosity of plasma sprayed ceramic coatings - Mr Bruno Kahl (Swinburne University of Technology)   ()
18:11 Microbeam radiation therapy in a heart beat - Jason Paino (UOW)   ()
18:12 Using low energy ion beams to pattern the surface of novel semiconductors - Abuduliken Bake (University of Wollongong)   ()
18:13 Characterising the temperature dependent spectra of polyethylene for terahertz optics - Thomas Sanders (University of Wollonogong)   ()
18:14 Inelastic Neutron Scattering of Liquid Metal Gallium - Caleb Stamper (University of Wollongong)   ()
18:15 Understanding and controlling the formation of photonic crystals from polydisperse colloidal systems - Katherine Chea (RMIT University)   ()
18:16 Radiation monitor for astronaut safety and prediction of electronic failure in the space mission - Vladimir Pan (University of Wollongong)   ()
18:17 Canine osteosarcoma positioning and dosimetry study - Jason Paino (UOW)   ()
18:18 Lithium Lanthanide Halides: A New Family of Solid Electrolytes - Michael Brennan (University of Sydney)   ()
18:19 Wombat – the high intensity diffractometer at OPAL - Helen Maynard-Casely (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
18:20 Investigating negative thermal expansion in aliphatic metal-organic frameworks - Ms Celia Chen (The University of Sydney)   ()
18:21 Chiral CPs formed using chiral heterotopic ligands - Mr Nicholas Kyratzis (Monash University)   ()
18:22 The N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor ligand binding domain and the interactivity with ion-channel control - Zheng Chen (The University of Sydney)   ()
18:23 Chiral Detection with Fluorescent Coordination Polymers - Shannon Thoonen (The University of Melbourne)   ()
18:24 The investigation of structural and electronic configurations of noble-metal free nanocomposite and electrocatalytic oxides for acidic water electrolysis - Darcy Simondson-Tammer (Monash University)   ()
18:25 Investigating the dielectric properties of the cornea and tympanic membrane using Synchrotron ATR and transmission at THz frequencies - Ms Negin Foroughimehr (Swinburne University of Technology)   ()
18:26 Ruthenium-Based Pyrochlore Oxides for Improved Electrocatalysis - Bryce Mullens (University of Sydney)   ()
18:27 SNAKE VENOM-CONTRLLED 3D FIBRIN ARCHITECTURE REVEALED BY SANS/USANS DICTATES FIBROBLAST DIFFERENTATION - Mr Zhao Wang (1Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, The University of Queensland, Australia.)   ()
18:28 Physical insights into self-assembly of enzymatic protein particles using Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) - Dr Tayyaba Younas (Monash University) Dr Bhuvana Shanbhag (Monash University)   ()
18:29 A precisely piezo-controlled macro-ATR for characterizing the dynamic behaviour electrolyte/electrode interface - Ms SAILIN LIU (University of Wollongong)   ()
18:30 Analysis of Thermoresponsive Dextrans via Small-Angle X-ray Scattering - Sarah Otto (University of South Australia)   ()
18:31 Exploring the Surface of Vanadium Phosphate Cathode Materials - Mr Tristram Jenkins (Queensland University of Technology)   ()
18:32 Synthesis and structural characterisation of novel perovskite-type Na-ion conductors - Frederick Yang (University of Sydney)   ()
18:33 Self-Assembly of Carbon Dioxide Nonionic Surfactants in Ionic Liquids - Shurui Miao (The University of Sydney)   ()
18:34 Scaling behaviour of the skyrmions lattices in Cu2OSeO3 single crystals from small angle neutron scattering - Mr Jorge Arturo Sauceda Flores (School of Physics, University of New South Wales, Sydney 2052, Australia)   ()
18:35 Structural basis of higher-order assembly formation in Toll-like receptor 1,2 and 6 signaling pathway - YAN LI (The University of Queensland)   ()
18:36 Cholesterol catabolism: An exploitable weakness in mycobacterial infections? - Mr Daniel Doherty (The University of Adelaide)   ()
18:37 X-ray structure of a transmembrane domain from an ABC-transporter dependent system from Neisseria meningitidis in a non-biological state - Lorelei Masselot--Joubert (University of Western Australia)   ()
18:38 Size, shape and colloidal stability of fluorescent nanodiamonds in aqueous suspension - Mr samir samir eldemrdash (School of science, RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria 3001, Australia)   ()
18:39 Breaking boundaries, or is it? Physical disruption at the nano- and micro scales for an in situ flow setup - Meltem Bayrak   ()
18:40 Small Angle Neutron Scattering instrument Bilby: capabilities to study mainstream and complex systems - Anna Sokolova (Dr) Andrew Whitten (ANSTO) Chun-Ming Wu (NSRRC) Liliana de Campo (ANSTO)   ()
18:41 Continuous chemical redistribution following amorphous-to-crystalline structural ordering in a Zr-Cu-Al bulk metallic glass - Xuelian Wu   ()
18:42 Working Mechanisms of Conversion-Type Metaphosphate Electrodes for Lithium/Sodium-Ion Batteries - Dr Qingbo Xia (The University of Sydney)   ()
18:43 A photon counting detector for x-ray imaging: advantages and challenges - Chris Hall (Australian Synchrotron)   ()
18:44 Kookaburra, the ultra-small-angle neutron scattering instrument at ANSTO: design and recent applications - Jitendra Mata (ANSTO)   ()
18:45 Quokka, the Pinhole Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument at ANSTO - Kathleen Wood (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
18:46 Novel techniques with ATR apparatus at THz frequencies - Zoltan Vilagosh (Swinburne University of Technology)   ()
18:47 Structural characterization of SARS-Cov-2 spike derived peptides presented by the Human Leukocyte Antigen A*29:02. - Lawton Murdolo (La Trobe University)   ()
18:48 Understanding and controlling the formation of photonic crystals from polydisperse colloidal systems - Katherine Chea (RMIT University)   ()
18:49 Synthesis and characterization of K2YbF5 upconversion nanoparticles - John Arnold Ambay (University of Technology Sydney)   ()
18:50 Effects of Mn and Co Ion Implantation on Pseudocapacitive Performance of Ceria-Nanostructures on Ni-Foam - Mr Ewing Y. Chen (UNSW)   ()
18:51 The Nanoprobe beamline at the Australian Synchrotron: towards day #1, July 2024 - Martin de Jonge (ANSTO)   ()
18:52 Investigation of Residual Stress and Mechanical Properties of Steelwork After Laser Cleaning - Yutaka Tsumura (Sydney University)   ()
18:53 Medium Energy Spectroscopy (MEX) – The spectroMEX High Resolution Crystal Spectrometer - Jeremy Wykes (Australian Synchrotron)   ()
18:54 Stability and Applications of Model Membranes - Alex Ashenden (Flinders University)   ()
18:55 A high-temperature furnace for MEX - Emily Finch (Australian Synchrotron)   ()
18:56 Do reduced aggregation and crystallinity really help to improve the photovoltaic performance of terpolymer acceptors in all-polymer solar cells? - Doan Vu (Monash University)   ()
18:57 Current and future capabilities of the IRM beamline at the Australian Synchrotron, and guidance on applying for use of the facility. - Dr Mark Tobin (ANSTO)   ()
18:58 KOALA 2: making a good instrument better! - Alison Edwards (ACNS, ANSTO) Ross Piltz (ACNS, ANSTO)   ()
18:59 High crystallinity nitrogen doping of ALaTiO4 and A2La2Ti3O10 (A = Na¬+, K+) photocatalysts - Mr Junwei Junwei Li (The University of Sydney)   ()
19:00 Completing the library of amino-acid neutron structures - Prof. Garry McIntyre (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
12:20 --- Lunch ---
Update (until 13:10) ()
Update (until 13:30) ()
13:10 15 Years of Brilliance at the Australian Synchrotron - Michael James (ANSTO)   ()
Biomedicine, Life science & Food Science (until 14:50) ()
13:30 Studying Polysaccharides in Solution with SAXS and Molecular Dynamics - Prof. Martin (Bill) Williams (Massey University, MacDiarmid Institute, NZ)   ()
14:05 Antimicrobial and Anti-Inflammatory Gallium Implanted ‘Trojan Horse’ Surfaces for Implantable Devices - Shiva Kamini Divakarla (The University of Sydney, Sydney Nano Institute, Faculty of Medicine and Health, Sydney Pharmacy School, Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia)   ()
14:20 Structural insights into the unique modes of relaxin-binding and tethered-agonist mediated activation of RXFP1 and RXFP2 - Dr Ashish Sethi (University of Melbourne)   ()
14:35 Synchrotron infrared characterisation of SARS-CoV-2 virions for a new COVID-19 saliva test - Prof. Bayden Wood (Centre for Biospectroscopy, School of Chemistry, Monash University)   ()
Chemistry, Soft Matter & Crystallography (until 14:50) ()
Instruments & Techniques (until 14:50) ()
13:30 The recent progress of polarized neutron scattering techniques at SIKA - Shinichiro Yano (NSRRC)   ()
13:45 MyD88 TIR domain higher-order assembly interactions revealed by serial femtosecond crystallography - Connie Darmanin (La Trobe) Dr Mark Hunter (Linac Coherent Light Source, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, California, USA)   ()
14:00 The High Performance Macromolecular Crystallography (MX3) Beamline - Daniel Eriksson (Australian Synchrotron)   ()
14:50 --- Afternoon Tea ---
Biomedicine, Life science & Food Science (until 17:05) ()
Chemistry, Soft Matter & Crystallography (until 17:05) ()
15:25 SAXS investigation of protic ionic liquid-water mixtures, and their application to protein crystallisation - Tamar Greaves (RMIT University)   ()
15:40 Stimuli Responsive Switchable Chemical Sensors - Carol Hua (University of Melbourne)   ()
15:55 Influencing lipid hydrolysis by minute molecular changes - Livia Salvati Manni (University of Sydney)   ()
16:10 Insight into the Variations of ABO4 Structures: Combined Experimental and Computational Studies - Bryce Mullens (University of Sydney)   ()
16:25 Understanding Order and Correlation in Liquid Crystals by Fluctuation Scattering - Jack Binns (RMIT University)   ()
16:40 Automation of liquid crystal phase analysis for SAXS - Stefan Paporakis (RMIT)   ()
Manufacturing & Engineering (until 17:10) ()
15:20 New insight in corrosion mechanisms of nuclear fuel cladding using synchrotron x-rays - Prof. Michael Preuss (Monash University)   ()
15:40 Thermal evolution in metals as revealed by in-situ neutron diffraction - Klaus-Dieter Liss (GTIIT)   ()
15:55 In-situ X-ray imaging of transient liquid phase (TLP) bonding in solder joints - Ms Nurul Razliana Abdul Razak (The University of Queensland)   ()
16:10 The use of variable temperature synchrotron XRD to characterise the behaviour of low temperature solder alloys - Mr Qichao Hao (The University of Queensland)   ()
16:25 Radiation test of Rad-Hard ICs for space applications - Dr Jafar Shojaii (The University of Melbourne)   ()
16:40 One layer at a time: Unlocking Novel Materials and Structures for Neutron Radiation Environments through Additive Manufacturing - Jonathan Knott (University of Wollongong)   ()
16:55 Microstructure and residual stress interactions in metal additive manufacturing: post-build assessment and new in-situ methods - Halsey Ostergaard (University of Sydney)   ()
Welcome Address (until 17:20) ()
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