NCSS Seminar room (Australian Synchrotron)

NCSS Seminar room

Australian Synchrotron

800 Blackburn Road Clayton Victoria 3168
Andreas Moll (Australian Synchrotron), Andrew Stevenson (Australian Synchrotron/ CSIRO), Anton Maksimenko (Australian Synchrotron), Chris Hall (Australian Synchrotron), Hausermann Daniel (Australian Synchrotron), Ron Bosworth (Australian Synchrotron), Sherry Mayo (CSIRO)

Imaging and Medical Beamline CT workshop: CT@IMBL-2019

Thanks for you interest in the CT workshop.

The registration limit has been reached. If you would like to be put on the reserve list for the next workshop please email Chris Hall (chris.hall@synchrotron.org.au)

The purpose of the workshop is to increase familiarity with the techniques for collecting and processing data from the IMBL.

During these two days we will make presentations and run tutorial sessions covering all operations, from setting up the beam line, collecting data, to reconstructing and visualising CT data on IMBL.

In the mornings a series of talks will explain the principles. Hands-on practical sessions in the afternoons will allow you to practice IMBL CT work-flows using your own, or demonstration data sets. Sessions will be run by Synchrotron and CSIRO staff.

On the first day there will be an opportunity to visit the beamline.

Day 1: Takes you through the components of the beam line and the principles of computed tomography. This will be followed by descriptions of the interfaces, and how we run a CT scan on IMBL. Once data has been collected the management of data will be explained including remote access and transfer. First level processing including reconstruction of 3-D volume data cubes from raw data will be demonstrated. The new ASCI compute cluster will be used and its use for processing IMBL data demonstrated. A practical session in the afternoon will allow delegates to practice using their own, or our provided training data.

Day 2: Once simple reconstruction is complete, visualisation is the next step in the process.Processing of large amounts of data using scripts will be described. 3-D visualisation will be explained, using the tools available on the ASCI Compute Desktop. A new session will be introduced, where experienced Users will describe their experiments and experiences on IMBL.  A second practical session after lunch will allow for practice and questions.

Workshop topics will include:

  • Practical considerations for mounting and moving samples
  • How to choose the best x-ray energy
  • Avoiding artefacts in the reconstructed data
  • Presenting CT data through segmentation and animation


  • Includes a light lunch, morning and afternoon teas. Supper on Monday evening.
  • Access to all workshop materials

​Accomodation and travel assistance

  • Accomodation will be made available at the AS guest house. This will be at no cost, for registered interstate and country Victoria participants only.
  • Other participants may book guest house accommodation at their own expense.
  • To book a room please click on the Guesthouse link.

What you will need to provide

Access to the IMBL filestore and ASCI computer is through a web page interface, Please bring along your own laptop/tablet for this. If for some reason you are not able to do this we may be able to provide a laptop. Please let us know during registration if you would like to book one.

We look forward to seeing you at the Australian Synchrotron in March...

Chris Hall, Anton Maksimenko, Andrew Stevenson, Sherry Mayo...Workshop Organisers