12-16 November 2018
Australian Synchrotron
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Scientific Programme

The Australian Synchrotron is currently in the process of building eight new beamlines. In order to support the commissioning we are developing new standards in the areas of motion control, engineering and user GUIs, experiment control, ...
For this reason we are interested in topics around those areas. This being said, we'd still like to hear of any new developments in facilities around the world, status update on EPICS 7, about your latest achievements, ...

  • Motion Control


    We're in the process of standardising motion controls for the upcoming beam lines and would be very interested to hear about any experiences with that at other facilities as well as any new developments in motion controls area.

  • OPI Development


    We'd be interested to hear about any progress on OPI framework developments.

  • Experiment Control


    Any talks and/or workshops about experiment control would be more than welcome.

  • EPICS 7 + Services


    As EPICS 7 is the next big thing, we'd like to invite speakers to:
    - give an update on current status of EPICS core
    - talk about other services surrounding EPICS 7
    - hold a workshop on one of the first two days
    - report on usages and experiences with EPICS 7 at their facility

  • Satellite Meetings


    We'll be able to hold some satellite developers meetings.

  • Facility Updates


    Updates on facility statues around the world.

  • Miscellaneous


    Other interesting topics, EPICS in hobby projects, ...

  • EPICS Core


    New from the EPICS core world

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