17-19 October 2022
Australia/Sydney timezone

Simulations and design of a compact beamline at the University of Melbourne X-lab

17 Oct 2022, 14:40


The Symposium will be held on the Australian National University campus, Canberra. The weather in October in Canberra is usually excellent.
Talk ATF (Technology Forum) ATF


Scott Williams (The University of Melbourne)


As part of the development of the University of Melbourne X-band Laboratory for Accelerators and Beams (X-LAB) we have been advancing the conceptual design and simulations of a compact low emittance beamline to be based in the newly re-developed beam hall.
Proposed applications of the beamline include radiation dosimetry, as well as the electron source for an Inverse Compton Scattering (ICS) X-ray light source.

As part of commissioning, it is expected to use a DC photogun plus an additional bunching section for acceptance into the main accelerating section.
The main accelerating section itself is composed of two high gradient X-band linear accelerating structures operating at an expected average gradient of 70MV/m.
For the ICS X-ray source, a quadrupole focusing array is used to focus the beam to a small spot size for interaction with a laser pulse.

For this talk we shall comment on the simulation process of the beamline which utilises multiple simulation codes at various stages of the beamline, the proposed use of a DC gun and S-band accelerating segment for initial commissioning, the conceptual design of the quadrupole focusing array, and expected photon yields.

Primary authors

Scott Williams (The University of Melbourne) Rohan Dowd (Australian Synchrotron) Matteo Volpi (The University of Melbourne) Prof. Geoffrey Taylor (University of Melbourne)

Presentation Materials

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