17-19 October 2022
Australia/Sydney timezone

Call for Abstracts

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline
    No deadline

The meeting is divided into three tracks. The individual topics listed here are illustrative only, if you have a topic which will be of interest to others then please submit it.

  • Instrumentation and Controls;
    • Control systems at your facility;
    • PLCs;
    • Experiences with EtherCAT;
    • Safety control systems;
    • Distributed timing systems;
    • EPICS;
    • Remote telemetry/IoT systems;
    • ...
  • ATF (Technology Forum);
    • Mechanical design;
    • Cryogenics;
    • Detector systems;
    • Fault reporting/issue tracking;
    • Optics;
    • Workshop/fabrication facilities/capabilities/tips + tricks;
    • ...
  • Plenary sessions, covering topics of mutual interest.
    • Introduction to your facility/organisation;
    • Motion control;
    • Systems engineering;
    • Spacecraft and qualification systems;
    • Maintenance and engineering at operational facilities;
    • Electromagnetic compliance, sources of electrical noise, grounding;
    • Tips for cable routing (cable trays, labelling, fault finding, etc.);
    • Engineering standards;
    • ...

The format will be based on 15-minute presentations plus 5 minutes for questions/discussion. Ideally papers will aim to share your experience and tips and tricks for others participating in the meeting, rather than describing a very institution-specific project.

The call for abstracts is open
You can submit an abstract for reviewing.
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