18 October 2015
Australia/Melbourne timezone

On Sunday 18th October there will be 1-day EPICS user collaboration meeting in Melbourne before the ICALEPCS main conference. The (Southern Hemisphere) Spring 2015 EPICS collaboration meeting provides an opportunity for developers and managers from the various different sites to come together and discuss their work in progress and make plans for the future. They give a chance to see what is being done at other laboratories, and to review the specifications for new tools or enhancements to existing ones in order to maximize their usefulness to the whole community and avoid duplication of effort.

There are several new developments going on in the EPICS community that we would like to hear about. We are particularly interested in technical topics that are relevant to the EPICS community and will not be covered in the main ICALEPCS conference (status talks are in the main conference). Some of the topics we would like to focus this edition of the EPICS meeting are:

  • Experiment control: in particular the use of EPICS v4 (or other newer technology) in production systems: who is using it or planning to use it? what are the lessons learned? what is the future of older high-level frameworks?
  • Tools & clients: latest developments on CS-Studio, Qt and of course… Web and Mobile
  • Low-level controls: integration of new PLCs, custom instrument/hardware, hard real-time, DAQ equipment and/or timing0
  • Services such as V3 and/or V4 archivers (especially the ones dealing with big big data), scan services, physics services, etc.

We also welcome some cool, interesting technical thing that you would like to share with the EPICS community even if it doesn’t fall in the categories above and it won’t be covered in the main ICALEPCS conference.

Call for abstracts in now open. Please submit your abstract via this website or send it via email to any of the meeting's Chairs.

Looking forward to see you all in Melbourne.

Meeting Chairs (replace _at_ with @ when sending email):

  • Juan Carlos (JC) Guzman, CSIRO, juan.guzman_at_csiro.au
  • Andrew Starrit, Australian Synchrotron, andrew.starritt_at_synchrotron.org.au 


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