26-27 August 2021
Australia/Melbourne timezone
Complimentary Event: Registrations are now open!

Overview of Event

Thursday 26th and Friday 27th August

Are you a new or current user of the XAS beamline?

Would you like to know what the new MEX beamline (coming 2022) could do for you?

We have the workshop for you!


Day 1

On the first day, talks from beamline scientists and experts in the field will highlight the capabilities of the XAS and MEX beamlines, discuss how to get the most out of beamtime, and present case studies illustrating how these techniques can help solve questions in earth, biological and chemical sciences.

Day 2

Day two will feature a hands-on tutorial in XANES data analysis led by Dr. Ryo Sekine of the University of the Sunshine Coast. Opportunities will be available to discuss common data issues with beamline scientists. Lectures and tutorials will be presented by:



Dr Niloofar Karimian, Southern Cross University

Using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy to Unravel the Mechanisms of Arsenic and Antimony Uptake by Iron and Manganese Minerals


Assoc. Prof. Neeraj Sharma, University of New South Wales

Developing better energy storage materials and devices with XAS


Professor Peter Kopittke, University of Queensland

Using XAS & MEX in agricultural sciences to increase productivity and profitability while simultaneously decreasing environmental impact


Dr Mark Hackett, Curtin University

Possibilities for Studying Sulfur Speciation in Biological Systems Using MEX


Dr. Rosalie Hocking, Swinburne University of Technology

Engineering novel materials at the Nanoscale - Innovation through Characterisation


Dr Ryo Sekine, University of the Sunshine Coast

R Script for the Hamilton Test


XAS Beamline Scientists: 

Dr. Valerie Mitchell

XAS Part 1 - Introduction to the theory of XAS


Dr. Bernt Johannessen

XAS Part 2 - XAS Beamtime


Dr. Jessica Hamilton

XAS Part 3 - Why does my data look like this?


MEX Beamline Scientists:

Dr. Chris Glover

Introduction to the MEX beamline


Dr. Emily Finch


Dr. Krystina Lamb

Sample environments and supporting infrastructure at the MEXs


Dr. Simon James


Dr. Jeremy Wykes

MEX high-resolution spectrometers


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