23 June 2021
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Image courtesy of Mr Jonathan De Booy (ANSTO)

The Australian Compact Light Source Workshop (ACLSW) is a half-day workshop aiming at providing a collaborative stage to share plans for a Linear Accelerator (Linac) based Australian Compact Light Source and future development in Accelerator Physics in Australia. This workshop will survey the user community to ascertain requirements and needs to bring this technology to light. The 2021 ACLS Workshop will also bring together leading members of the Australian scientific, technology and accelerator communities that are contributing to realising a compact light source.

The aims of the forum are as follows:

  1. Highlight the plans for compact light source development in Australia
  2. Identify current and future needs for Compact Light Sources
  3. Identify user community requirements and needs for an Australian Linac based Compact Light Source
  4. Raise awareness of accelerator development in Australasia

Recommendations to all ACLS Participants*:

  1. Please keep your microphone muted and your camera turned off at all times except when giving your presentation (speakers only).
  2. If you wish to comment or ask a question during a presentation, please use the Raise Hand button. In addition, you may also send your question via the Zoom chat.
  3. The Convener of the Session will tell you when to reactivate your microphone to intervene.
  4. Speakers will be requested to share screen using the corresponding Zoom option.

Please upload your slides in advance on the ACLSW Indico page or send your slides to Rebecca Auchettl (rebeccaa@ansto.gov.au)

*Adapted from the VHEE2020 Indico

Registration for this event is currently open.
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