11-13 November 2020
Online Event
Australia/Sydney timezone

Abstract Submission

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  • Submission deadline

Abstract Submission

We invite abstract submissions for oral or poster presentations from all neutron beam users in any of the topics listed below.

Topics and Guidelines

As part of the abstract submission process, we also request information on your career status (student or ECR) as well as your gender. This is to assist us in ensuring that all delegates have equal opportunity to participate in the conference. For more information, please see the Diversity page.
Your choice of scientific track will assist the organising committee to assign reviewers for your abstract. You may also nominate keywords to assist with reviewer assignment.

Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words.

We invite you to submit abstracts in the following areas:
• Advanced Materials
• Biological Systems
• Biomedicine & Food Science
• Chemistry & Crystallography
• Cultural Heritage
• Earth & Environment
• Magnetism & Condensed Matter
• Manufacturing & Engineering
• Neutron Instruments & Techniques

Formatting and special characters can be included via the use of Markdown (HTML tags) or LaTex commands. Some commonly used tags are available in the abstract editor, for example bold and italic formatting. More comprehensive lists of tags are widely available online, for example here.
Some further examples of formatting and special characters, using HTML tags:
Superscript: text will give text
Subscript: text will give text
Lower case alpha: α will give α
Lower case pi: π will give π
To write eiπ - 1 = 0, you must type: ei π - 1 = 0

The call for abstracts is closed.
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