ANBUG-AINSE Neutron Scattering Symposium, AANSS 2020

from Wednesday, 11 November 2020 (00:30) to Friday, 13 November 2020 (17:10)
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11 Nov 2020
12 Nov 2020
13 Nov 2020
Biomedicine & Food Science - Andrew Clulow (Monash University) (until 10:30) ()
09:00 Structural Insights into the Mechanism of Heat-Set Gel Formation of Polyisocyanopeptide Polymers - Dr Gleb E Yakubov (University of Nottingham)   ()
09:30 Hyaluronic acid-poloxamer thermosensitive hydrogels studied by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) and rheology: from nanostructure to biomedical applications - Mr Anderson Ferreira Sepulveda (Federal University of ABC)   ()
09:42 First extensive study of lanthanum manganite nanoparticles to target deadly brain cancer - Mr Abass Khochaiche (University of Wollongong)   ()
09:54 Mixed gamma/neutron field in-vivo dosimetry using Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor for Accelerator-Based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy - Mr Klaudiusz Jakubowski (University of Wollongong)   ()
10:06 Neutron scattering for the study of casein gel microstructure during digestion - Meltem Bayrak   ()
10:18 Oil-in-water emulsion system stabilized by emulsion droplets coated with whey protein microgels - Lirong Cheng   ()
10:30 --- Break ---
Chemistry & Crystallography -Prof. Ian Gentle (University of Queensland) (until 12:30) ()
10:45 Atomistic modelling as a complementary tool for diffraction studies - Max Avdeev (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering)   ()
11:05 Cation order in mixed metal bismuth scheelite Bi3FeMo2O12 - Matilde Saura-Múzquiz (University of Sydney)   ()
11:25 Role of A-site molecular ions dynamics in the polar functionality of perovskite metal-organic frameworks - Teng Lu (The Australian National University)   ()
11:45 Hydration mechanisms and lattice distortions in 6H-Ba4Ta2O9 - Chris Ling (University of Sydney)   ()
12:05 Competitive specific ion effects: A neutron reflectometry study of thermoresponsive polymer brushes in mixed electrolytes - Hayden Robertson (University of Newcastle)   ()
12:17 Hydrogen-Bonded Anion Clusters in Choline Phenylalaninate, an Unexpected Origin of Nanostructure in Biocompatible Ionic Liquid - Shurui Miao   ()
Advanced Materials - Karyn Jarvis (Swinburne University of Technology) (until 10:50) ()
09:00 Kinetic Analysis of Oil Exchange between Surfactant-Stabilized Emulsions Using Time- Resolved Small Angle Neutron Scattering - Prof. Lilo D Pozzo (University of Washington)   ()
09:30 Defect structure-property correlations in Li doped BaTiO3 - Dr Narendirakumar Narayanan (The Australian National University)   ()
09:50 Effect of molybdenum on the precipitation in ferritic niobium-containing steels produced by strip casting - Lu Jiang (Deakin University)   ()
10:10 Investigating the Aqueous Swelling and Stability of Plasma Polymerised Acrylic Acid Films - Karyn Jarvis (Swinburne University of Technology)   ()
10:30 Morphological transitions in aqueous surface active ionic liquid influenced by additives investigated through SANS - Mrs Monika Jain   ()
10:50 --- Break ---
Magnetism & Condensed Matter - David Cortie (The University of Wollongong) (until 12:30) ()
11:00 Neutron scattering study on materials with colossal barocaloric effects - Prof. Bing Li (Institute of Metal Research Chinese Academy of Sciences)   ()
11:30 Infrared catastrophe in two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnets: spectral damping without quasiparticle decay. - Prof. Oleg Sushkov (University of New South Wales)   ()
11:50 Comparing inelastic neutron scattering with theory to understand the complex magnetic interactions in a low-dimensional frustrated magnet - Jackson Allen (Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering)   ()
12:02 Inelastic Neutron Scattering of Lanthanoid-Radical Molecular Nanomagnets - Maja Dunstan (University of Melbourne)   ()
12:14 Sub-3nm cobalt nanoparticles embedded in titania glass via ion implantation studied by polarised neutron reflectometry - Abuduliken Bake (University of Wollongong)   ()
Opening - Michelle Durant (AINSE) Shaun Jenkinson (ANSTO) (until 12:45) ()
Award Prize Session -Prof. Tracy Rushmer (Macquarie University) (until 14:50) ()
12:45 Student Award 2020   ()
13:00 Dynamics in soft matter systems probed by small-angle neutron scattering - Rico Tabor (Monash University)   ()
13:20 Young Scientist 2020   ()
13:40 Understanding Energy Materials Function: Neutron Diffraction of Materials Not at Equilibrium - Vanessa Peterson (ANSTO)   ()
14:00 Neutron Award 2020   ()
14:20 Career Award 2020   ()
14:50 --- Break ---
AGM (until 16:00) ()
15:00 Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering Update - Jamie Schulz (ANSTO)   ()
16:00 --- Break ---
Neutron Instruments & Techniques - Kathleen Wood (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) (until 17:50) ()
16:30 Potential spectrometers for the hot neutron source at ACNS - Anton Stampfl (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
16:50 ANSTO’s National Deuteration Facility: Recent advancements and an overview on molecular deuteration capabilities for neutron applications. - Karyn Wilde (ANSTO)   ()
17:10 Trindex - 3D Grain Mapping with Neutron Imaging - Dr Patrick Tung (Nuclear Physics Institute, Czech Republic)   ()
17:50 --- Afternoon Break ---
Plenary (until 19:00) ()
18:00 Neutron scattering for quantum magnetism - Prof. Andrey Zheludev (ETH Zürich)   ()
12:30 --- Break ---
Earth & Environment - Chris Wensrich (University of Newcastle) (until 14:35) ()
13:30 Water dynamics in minerals on the surface of Mars - Dr Gail Iles (RMIT)   ()
14:00 Hydrohalite formation in frozen clay brines. - Prof. Will Will Gates (Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University)   ()
14:20 Tracking the diffusion of hydrogen rich liquids in shale rocks - Mohammed Siddiqui (UNSW)   ()
14:35 --- Break ---
Biological Systems - Leonie van 't Hag (Monash University) (until 16:30) ()
14:50 Model membrane systems: Applications in ocular drug delivery and antimicrobial actions - Dr Hsin-Hui Shen (Monash University)   ()
15:35 Advancements in the provision of Deuterated Lipids for Neutron applications from the National Deuteration Facility - Dr Rao Yepuri (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
15:55 Protein deuteration extending structural characterisations by Small Angle Neutron Scattering with Contrast Variation - Anthony Duff (ANSTO)   ()
16:15 Resolving the DNA interaction of the MexR antibiotics resistance regulatory protein - Francesca Caporaletti (Linkopings universitiet & institut Laue Langevin)   ()
Poster Slam (until 17:00) ()
Poster Session (until 18:00) ()
17:00 Synthesis and structure of ALaTiO4 and A2La2Ti3O10 (A = Na¬+, K+) Ruddlesden-Popper type photocatalysts - Junwei Li (the University of Sydney, school of Chemistry)   ()
17:01 Quokka, the Pinhole Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument at ANSTO - Kathleen Wood (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
17:02 PELICAN –a Time of Flight Cold Neutron Spectrometer – New Capabilities - Dr Dehong Yu (ANSTO)   ()
17:03 Wombat – the high intensity diffractometer at OPAL - Andrew Studer (ACNS ANSTO)   ()
17:04 Status, statistics, and recent research highlights from Echidna - Max Avdeev (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering) James Hester (ANSTO) Chin-Wei Wang (NSRRC)   ()
17:05 Recent scientific highlights from the Pelican user programme - Dr Dehong Yu (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
17:06 New cell for studying porosity under mechanical and chemical stress - Yeping Ji   ()
17:07 Scientific computing support for neutron scattering experiments at ANSTO - Dr Ramzi Kutteh (ACNS - ANSTO)   ()
17:08 Polarised neutron capabilities at ACNS - Andrew Manning (ANSTO)   ()
17:09 Development of Direct Laser Melting (DLM) deposition system for in-situ use on neutron beam instruments - Chris Baldwin (ANSTO)   ()
17:10 SANS time-of-flight instrument Bilby at ACNS, ANSTO - Anna Sokolova (Dr)   ()
17:11 Recent highlights from the cold-neutron triple-axis spectrometer SIKA - Shinichiro Yano (NSRRC)   ()
17:12 Taipan – recent results from the thermal spectrometer at ANSTO - Kirrily Rule (ANSTO)   ()
17:13 Developments on the Platypus Neutron Reflectometer - Stephen Holt (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
17:14 The ANSTO contribution to a project to provide experimental standards for SAS profile prediction - Andrew Whitten (ANSTO)   ()
17:15 QCM-D and Neutron Reflectometry Study of Effect of Plasma Tretament on Cellulose-Mucin Interactions Towards ETSA - Mr Arslan Siddique (UNSW Sydney)   ()
17:16 Biomedical Applications Of Model Membranes - Alex Ashenden (Flinders University)   ()
17:17 New insights into colloidal phase transitions using neutron scattering techniques - Katherine Chea (RMIT University)   ()
17:18 Exploring a Gallium-Tantalum Dual Doped Lithium Garnet - Timothy Christopher (University of Auckland)   ()
17:19 Deciphering the quaternary structure of PEDOT:PSS solution by combining SAXS and SANS characterizations - Prof. PENG ZHANG (School of Materials Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University) Ms Zhen Liu (Sun Yat-sen university)   ()
17:20 Investigating methods of minting Ancient Greek silver plated copper coins: studies in Neutron Tomography, Texture and Phase Analysis. - Scott Olsen (ANSTO)   ()
17:21 Elucidation Of The Wave Function Of The Ground Doublet In A Tb Complex Using INS In A Magnetic Field - Richard Mole (ANSTO) Dr Simone Calvello (The University of Melbourne)   ()
17:22 Magnetic properties of the porous coordination polymer Ni3(OH)2(C4O4)2.3D2O - Richard Mole (ANSTO)   ()
17:23 Assisting polarized neutron experimentalists: Extracting magnetic depth profiles from ab-initio calculations - Dr Cortie David (University of Wollongong)   ()
17:24 Influence of tempering and surface grinding on the residual stress of 415SS laser clad hypereutectoid rail components - Olivia Kendall   ()
17:25 A high-performance and long-cycle-life spinel lithium-ion battery cathode achieved by site-selective doping - Mr Gemeng Liang (PhD student, Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials (ISEM) Innovation Campus, University of Wollongong)   ()
17:26 Lead-free (Ag,K)NbO3 materials for high-performance energy conversion - Dr Zhen Liu (the Australian National University)   ()
17:27 Understanding the structural disorder of (AgxCu1-x)2ZnSnSe4 based Kesterite semiconductor by neutron diffraction study. - Ms Shaham Quadir (Academia Sinica)   ()
17:28 Neutron Study of Magnetic Phase Transition in SrCoO3 Thin Films - Samuel Yick (UNSW and ANSTO)   ()
17:29 Understanding disorder in the Y2Sn2-xZrxO7 pyrochlore oxides - Frederick Marlton (University of Sydney)   ()
17:30 Element Effects on High-Entropy Alloy Vacancy and Heterogeneous Lattice Distortion Subjected to Quasi-equilibrium Heating - E-Wen Huang (National Chiao Tung University)   ()
17:31 In situ Neutron Diffraction Study on Layered Oxides Na0.5Ni0.25Mn0.75O2 - Jiatu Liu (USyd)   ()
17:33 Disorder By Design: Long- and Short-Range Pyrochlore Ordering - Bryce Mullens (University of Sydney)   ()
17:34 Composition and temperature dependent structural investigation of perovskite-type sodium-ion solid electrolyte series Na1/2-xLa1/2-xSr2xZrO3 - Frederick Yang (University of Sydney)   ()
17:35 Canted magnetism in modulated thin-film superlattices - Oliver Paull   ()
17:36 Giant shifts of crystal field excitations with temperature as a consequence of internal magnetic exchange interactions - Joel O'Brien   ()
17:37 High-q, High Intensity Small Angle Neutron Scattering to Probe Formaldehyde-Methanol-Water Mixtures - Swarit Dwivedi (Monash University)   ()
17:38 Synthesis-Controlled Polymorphism and Magnetic Properties of Li3Co2SbO6 - Alex Brown (Mr)   ()
17:39 Diffuse Scattering Studies from a Martensitic Fe-Pd Alloy - Dr Trevor Finlayson (University of Melbourne)   ()
17:40 Scaling behaviour of the skyrmion phases of Cu2OSeO3 single crystals from small angle neutron scattering - Mr Jorge Arturo Sauceda Flores (School of Physics, University of New South Wales, Sydney 2052, Australia)   ()
17:41 Neutron Laue Diffraction - A spotted history, a scintillating future - Prof. Garry McIntyre (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
17:42 In situ diagnostics and optimization of single crystal compound scintillator and semiconductor materials through energy-resolved neutron imaging - Dr Anton Tremsin (University of California at Berkeley)   ()
17:43 Opportunities for Catalysis Studies using the Beryllium Filter Spectrometer - Anton Stampfl (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
17:44 Imaging the invisible: resolving polymer brush structure through a freeform Bayesian analysis of neutron reflectometry data - Isaac Gresham (The University of New South Wales)   ()
17:45 Crystal field interactions in the chiral compounds $RNi_3Ga_9$ (R = Tb, Dy, Ho and Er) studied by inelastic neutron scattering - Luís Gil (Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil) Raimundo Lora-Serrano (Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil)   ()
17:46 refnx - The Next Generation of Reflectometry Analysis Software - Andrew Nelson (ANSTO)   ()
17:47 Upgrades to the Kowari sample positioning system - Mark Reid (ANSTO)   ()
17:48 Koala, a versatile single-crystal diffractometer - Dr Ross O. Piltz (ACNS)   ()
17:49 Observing the synthesis of a polymer brush, molecule by molecule - Isaac Gresham (The University of New South Wales)   ()
17:50 Bottom-up fabrication of magnonic crystals utilizing polyoxometalates and block copolymers - Mr Clyde Daniel (University of Auckland)   ()
17:51 Hydrogels with tuneable dissipation for mechanotransduction studies - Mr Badri Narayanan Narasimhan (University of Auckland, Newzealand)   ()
17:52 Topological barrier for skyrmion lattice formation in MnSi - Allan Leishman (Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame)   ()
17:53 Progress with Hot Commissioning and First User Experiments on the SPATZ Neutron Reflectometer - Tzu-Yen Huang   ()
17:54 TBAB semi-clathrates studied by Quasi Elastic Neutron Scattering (QENS) using Emu, the high resolution backscattering spectrometer at ANSTO - Alice Klapproth (ANSTO)   ()
17:55 SANS study of Silica Aerogel as Model Material for Rock - Phung Nhu Hao Vu (UNSW Sydney)   ()
17:56 Superconductor sandwiches - Ben Mallett (University of Auckland)   ()
17:58 Magnetic Structure and Magnetocaloric Properties of LaMn2Ge2 - Prof. S J 2 Campbell (UNSW Canberra )   ()
17:59 4d Transition-Metal Substitution into magnetically frustrated A1B3Si2Sn7O16 structures - Joseph Vella (The University of Auckland)   ()
17:59 A structural and magnetic investigation of the skyrmion host material doped Cu2OSeO3 - Rosanna Rov (University of Auckland)   ()
17:59 Insights into doped trirutiline structures gained through neutron diffraction - Sneh Patel (University of Auckland)   ()
17:59 Neutron scattering unravels the structure of tunable fibrin networks - Zhao Wang (Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology)   ()
17:59 Synthesis of New Cuprate’s through High Pressure Chemical Vapour Transport - Martin Spasovski (University of Auckland)   ()
Trivia Night - David Cortie (The University of Wollongong) (until 19:00) ()
12:30 --- Break ---
Cultural Heritage - Anna Paradowska (ANSTO) (until 14:40) ()
13:30 Neutron techniques in Archaeometry - Filomena Salvemini (ANSTO)   ()
14:00 Neutron Imaging: benefits and Case Studies in Palaeontology and Cutlural Heritage - Joseph Bevitt (ANSTO)   ()
14:20 Residual stress measurements for cultural heritage - Dr Vladimir Luzin (ANSTO)   ()
14:40 --- Break ---
Manufacturing & Engineering - Yun Liu (The Australian National University) (until 16:35) ()
14:50 ‘One layer at a time’: Unlocking Novel Materials and Structures for Neutron Radiation Environments through Additive Manufacturing - Jonathan Knott (University of Wollongong)   ()
15:20 The effects of Bi addition on the mechanical properties of eutectic Sn-Ag-Cu lead-free solder alloy - Dr Ayodele Olofinjana (University of the Sunshine Coast)   ()
15:33 Austenite formation kinetics from multicomponent cementite-ferrite aggregates by in situ neutron powder diffraction - Dr Yuxiang Wu (Monash University)   ()
15:54 Thermal and Mechanical Analyses of Dental Composites for Class II Cavity Restoration in a Molar Tooth: A Finite Element Study - Mr Jerrin Thadathil Varghese (School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering,)   ()
16:15 Current high-pressure capabilities at ACNS and future plans - Helen Maynard-Casely (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)   ()
Closing (until 17:05) ()
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