19-20 November 2018
Australia/Melbourne timezone

Welcome to the Experiment Control with Python Workshop

In recent years Python has become one of the languages of choice for controlling devices, data acquisition and processing pipelines at Synchrotrons.

This workshop aims at bringing together the experts in the field of experiment control using Python.

It will discuss topics such as:

  • Experiment Control (bluesky)
  • Device Libraries (Ophyd)
  • Data Acquisition and Management (databroker)
  • Support Libraries (pyepics, caproto)
  • Automation and Pipelines (lightflow)

The workshop will give you hands-on experience with the various tools that are available.


Location: Conference Room 2 & 3 in the Australian Synchrotron Main Building

Requirements: Python 3.6 (or newer)


More information:

Bluesky: https://nsls-ii.github.io/bluesky
Ophyd: http://nsls-ii.github.io/ophyd
Caproto: https://nsls-ii.github.io/caproto
Databroker: http://nsls-ii.github.io/databroker
Lightflow: https://australiansynchrotron.github.io/lightflow


Registration for this event is currently open.
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