29 October 2017 to 3 November 2017
Australia/Sydney timezone

Investigation of C-14 in the CRUD collected on the coolant filter for safety disposal of radioactive waste containing C-14 (I)- C-14 release behavior and thermal decomposition characteristics of crud particles collected from the coolant filter of commercial PWR -

2 Nov 2017, 11:15
Oral Presentation National and international collaborative waste management programs Radionclide solubility, speciation, sorption & migration


Mr Kenichiro Kino (Nucler Development Corporation)


In the safety assessment of radioactive waste repository, it is important to evaluate the migration behavior of long half-life radionuclides in the disposal environment. It was reported that insoluble C-14 was generated in PWR. However, the knowledge about the chemical form of C-14 is little. In this study, particles including C-14 collected from the coolant filters in PWR were analyzed by TG/MS to identify the chemical forms of these particles. In addition, C-14 in released gases and the residue in TG measurements were also investigated. Resultantly, it was revealed that fragments which were considered to be organic compounds derived from the ion-exchange resin were detected from the released gas, and that majority(>90%) of C-14 inventory were detected in the residue after the inert gas heating. While the chemical forms of C-14 in the residue are not clarified, it is suggested that insoluble C-14 may exist in the thermo-stable compounds.

Primary author

Mr Kenichiro Kino (Nucler Development Corporation)


Mr Akira Sakashita (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) Dr Kotaro Nakata (CRIEPI) Mr Shintaro Tsuji (Kansai Erectric Power Co, INC) Mr Toshikazu Waki (Kansai Electric Power Co, INC)

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