29 October 2017 to 3 November 2017
Australia/Sydney timezone

Aqueous leaching of high burnup UO2 fuel under hydrogen conditions

30 Oct 2017, 15:30
Oral Presentation National and international collaborative waste management programs Spent Fuel & Zircaloy Cladding


Dr Anders Puranen (Studsvik Nuclear)


Leaching results on fragments of high burnup (65 MWd/kgU) UO2 fuel from a commercial pressurized water reactor are presented. The experiments were performed in simplified granitic groundwater under a hydrogen pressure of up to 5 MPa, representing conditions in a water intrusion scenario for a Swedish KBS-3 design spent nuclear fuel repository. The freshly crushed fragments were pre-washed under aerated conditions for 6 days to remove part of the instant release fraction of the radionuclide inventory and transferred to an autoclave for leaching under hydrogen conditions. Following an initial release of U attributed to dissolution of oxidized phases from the aerated handling, the U concentration decreased to levels of 2-5x10-9 M, in-line with the solubility of amorphous UO2. The release of radionuclides such as Cs and Sr gradually declined indicating a transition towards inhibition of the fuel matrix dissolution.

Primary author

Dr Anders Puranen (Studsvik Nuclear)


Prof. Kastriot Spahiu (SKB) Dr Lena Evins (SKB) Dr Olivia Roth (Studsvik Nuclear)

Presentation Materials

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