26 August 2019 to 6 September 2019
Australia/Sydney timezone

IAEA/RCA Regional Training Course on Gamma-Ray Spectrometry

Project / Course Background

The need for sustained marine monitoring was highlighted following
the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) accident in 2011, when concerns were
expressed throughout the region about potential impact from radionuclide releases into the Pacific
Ocean. Moreover, at least 100 new nuclear power plants are expected to be built in the Asia-Pacific
region in the next 10 years. Regional ocean currents are transboundary by nature and will also
disperse any future nuclear discharges throughout the area. This project supports development,
coordination and regional harmonization of sampling, analytical and assessment methods, to ensure
a common basis for producing, reporting and exchanging reliable data and information on marine
radioactivity and its impacts.

Scope of course

The scope of this training course is to achieve a strengthened regional capacity for
the analysis of gamma-ray emitting radionuclides in marine samples. It will be organised as a series
of lectures and practical sessions, taking participants from basic to advanced gamma-ray
spectrometry, through the gradual introduction of complex concepts on calibration, different types
of corrections, metrological quantities, equipment set-up and testing, QC/QA and analysis of typical
spectra of seawater, sediment and marine biota. Working examples of actual spectra will be
introduced and participants will be required to perform full spectrum analysis and reporting of
results under guidance from the instructors. Challenges met by the participants in day-to-day
analytical work will be discussed and opportunities to exchange information with fellow trainees,
specialists of the host organisation and instructors will be given to the participants.

Participants’ Qualifications and Experience 

Participants should be professional staff from national
project teams with minimum 1 year of experience in gamma-ray spectrometry. Required experience
and skills:(1) knowledge of the basics of interaction of radiation with matter (2) working knowledge
of spreadsheet and gamma spectrometric analysis software (3) good command of English, in
particular technical terms pertaining to the subject of the course.

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