New User Symposium 2014


New User Symposium 2014

The New User Symposium offers an introduction to the services offered across the facilities under the operation of ANSTO, including synchrotron, accelerator and neutron based techniques. The annual one-day event is tailored to novice potential users of these techniques, and is to be held this year at the Australian Synchrotron’s National Centre for Synchrotron Science (NCSS). Aspects of the event include access arrangements, including available support, and some of the typical applications of techniques across biomedical research, materials and physical sciences and environmental fields.

User Meeting 2014

For the first time in 2014, the New User Symposium will be held immediately before the Australian Synchrotron's annual User Meeting, 20-21 November, also at the NCSS.  Prospective users can take advantage of this co-location to learn more about the leading research being undertaken at the Australian Synchrotron, and latest advances in the fields of synchrotron science and techniques.  Separate registration is required for the User Meeting.  Please see for more information.

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  • Abd-krim Seghouane
  • Alaleh Aminzadeh
  • Alistair White
  • Andre (CAKE) Coker
  • Andrew Smith
  • Anita D'Angelo
  • Ann Chidgey
  • Anton Tadich
  • Ben Ellis
  • Brendan Kennedy
  • Claire Tindal
  • Connor Turvey
  • Damien Callahan
  • Damien Chong
  • Dijon Hoogeveen
  • Dinesh Babu Madhavan
  • Dongling Qiao
  • Edward Nagul
  • Emily Goss
  • Emily Noake
  • Filomena Salvemini
  • Gloria Xun
  • Glyn Devlin
  • Grant Duffy
  • Greg LeBlanc
  • Guojie Wu
  • Hannah King
  • Hao Wei
  • Helen Brand
  • Henry Spratt
  • Huu Dang
  • Ian Aitkenhead
  • Jessica Hamilton
  • John Seymour
  • Juan Pablo Escobedo-Diaz
  • Julia Wind
  • Mark Pearce
  • Mark Tobin
  • Mark Weber
  • Masrur Morshed Nahid
  • Meisam Valizadeh Kiamahalleh
  • Michael James
  • Mihail Ionescu
  • Muhammad Salman Maqbool
  • Nadira Batool
  • Natasha Wright
  • Nicholas Opie
  • Nigel Kirby
  • Paul Di Pietro
  • Pedro Viegas
  • Peter Holden
  • Rachel Ramsdale
  • Raymonda Rajkowski
  • Renata Lippi
  • Rob Robinson
  • Robert Acres
  • Ruhaida Rusmin
  • Russell Coker
  • Sadra Zekrgoo
  • Safaa Ali
  • Shaun Howard
  • Stephan Burger
  • Stephen Holt
  • Tanita Wierenga
  • Tendekayi Tapera
  • Tingting SONG
  • Tony Raftery
  • Tracey Hanley
  • Wan Anwar Fahmi Wan Mohamad
  • Xueying Zhang
  • Yanping Sun
  • Yi Yang
  • Zheng Xing