10 June 2018
Taipei International Convention Centre
Asia/Taipei timezone
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Advanced Light Sources in the AOFSRR Countries

The Asia Oceania Forum for Synchrotron Radiation Research (AOFSRR) is proud to announce its 2018 workshop, “Advanced light sources in the AOFSRR Countries” which will be held on Sunday June 10 as a satellite to SRI2018 in Taipei, Taiwan. The AOFSRR aims to establish a collaboration framework for the development of science and technology, and to encourage information exchange, amongst the synchrotron radiation facilities in the Asian Oceania region.


The goal of the workshop is to highlight the continued rapid development of light source facilities and science in the region, and to provide a forum for discussion on future opportunities and developments.


The workshop brings together members of the synchrotron community from across the Asia Oceania region. We are pleased to welcome speakers and delegates from each of the AOFSRR member countries – SRI delegates from all other countries are also welcome to attend the workshop.

Taipei International Convention Centre
Room 102
1 Hsin-Yi Road,Section 5,Taipei 11049,Taiwan ROC
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