Call for Abstracts

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline

The technical program will cover the following topics :

  • Technetium and Rhenium in nuclear medicine (isotope production, labelling, coordination chemistry
  • Chemistry of Technetium and the use of Rhenium as a simulant in the nuclear fuel cycle (separation, disposal, waste form)
  • Radioanalytical chemistry (Measurement and detection of Tc an Re in the biosphere
  • Fundamental chemistry of Technetium and Rhenium (synthetic, materials and coordination chemistry, inorganic and organometallic
  • complexes, properties
  • Rhenium in industry (mining, metallurgy, catalysis)
  • Submission Information

  • Abstract submission will be entirely by electronic means
  • Abstract to be submitted in English
  • Abstract submitted should be a maximum of 250 words
  • Abstract should be original work
  • All abbreviations must be spelled out on first use
  • Abstract should be thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar
  • Once accepted all presenters must register and pay to attend the Conference
The call for abstracts is closed.
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