What is it?

The purpose of the Clip Day is to:

  • provide a forum for Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to interact and connect with peers, their ACNS co-supervisors and other ACNS staff;
  • allow ECRs to gain experience presenting their work to a scientific audience from a broad range of disciplines;
  • learn about exciting new research happening at ACNS;
  • facilitate valuable discussions and feedback on the research studies of the Honours/PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

All PhD students are encouraged to apply, even if you do not have results yet! Don’t miss this opportunity to develop your working relationships with your co-supervisors and get to know peers, friends, and future collaborators through their research presentations. We have set up a Slack channel to facilitate in-depth research-oriented discussions as well as informal chatting and networking.

For more information, see the ANSTO webpage

When is it?

The ACNS Clip Day will be held on the afternoon of the 25th February and the morning of the 26th February through Zoom. The abstract submission deadline is 5th February. The notifications of abstract outcomes will occur on the 15th February.

Research areas and format

******** In order to ensure a sufficient audience for presentations and posters due to COVID-19 protocol, the format for ACNS Clip Day will be held online through Zoom ********

All Honours, PhD, and early-career researchers using ACNS facilities is welcomed and encouraged to participate. The last ACNS Clip Day in 2019 included talks from over 30 participants, and provided an insight into the range of capabilities at ACNS that span many disciplines such as medicine, mining, transportation, food processing and more.

The format will consist of either 5 or 10 minute presentations depending upon the completion status of your studies or project (don’t worry if your research is in its early stages or has been COVID-19 impacted!). The event is planned to be held over two days. An additional session on “Proposal writing tips” followed by a Q & A session will help demystify the NBI proposal writing process in time for the next neutron beam proposal deadline on March 15th 2021. Other guest lectures are subject to availability.

There will be prizes for 5 minute and 10 minute presentations!