Particle Physics and Accelerator Physics Strategy Meeting

Council Room (AINSE)

Council Room


Lucas Height, Sydney
Richard Garrett (ANSTO)

Particle Physics and Accelerator Physics Strategy Meeting

A meeting will be held over October 3rd and 4th at ANSTO further develop a strategic plan for particle physics and related areas in Australia.  All those interested in strengthening particle physics, accelerator physics and related fields in Australia are encouraged to attend.

This meeting has the specific purpose of providing information and sharing opinions on strategic directions for particle physics and related fields in Australia.

The aim of the meeting is to produce a statement of suggested strategic directions. This should be followed by the formation of a representative group to draft a national strategy “green paper” for national distribution and finalisation resulting in a white paper for future directions.

Working groups are being formed to help in preparing material for the meeting.

Subsequently groups will be formed to undertake specific tasks aimed at operational goals to support the strategy.  The overarching aim is a nationally unified, sustainable program for particle physics and accelerator physics in Australia and cohesion in common efforts on activities like organising workshops, conferences and schools/training.

  • Anatoly Rozenfeld
  • Andrew Peele
  • Anthony Williams
  • Bruce Yabsley
  • Csaba Balazs
  • David Cohen
  • Edward Simpson
  • Elisabetta Barberio
  • Gavin Rowell
  • Greg Lane
  • Jacinda Ginges
  • Jordan Nash
  • Kevin Varvell
  • Marie-claude Gregoire
  • Martin Sevior
  • Miles Apperley
  • Nicole Bell
  • Pat Scott
  • Paul Jackson
  • Peter Skands
  • Phillip Urquijo
  • Professor Taylor
  • Puthenparampil Wilson
  • Raymond Volkas
  • Richard Garrett
  • Rohan Dowd
  • Ulrik Egede